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Vishwa Niketanam Centre for Human Development, Kuching, Malaysia



Sai Ananda Foundation Malaysia

Divine Will Society Malaysia



  • Education in Human Values (EHV) – Values education is imparted to students on a weekly basis. Breakfast and lunch are served to all students and teachers

  • Teachers Training – Training sessions are arranged to train teachers in human values

  • Home of Light – A school for blind children is visited every month. Meals are served and free dental and medical check-ups are conducted

  • Every Sunday, co-curricular classes are conducted on yoga, aerobics, dance, singing and musical instruments

  • Sports carnivals, competitions and excursions for children are held every year in the month of May

  • Kindergarten – Functions on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. Breakfast and lunch are served to all students and teachers. Transport is also provided to all students

  • Tuition and Crèche Programme – Functions on all the weekdays. Food and transportation are also provided for all

  • Sai Ananda Transport Programme – Provides free bus service to students to go to school and back home on a daily basis

  • Back to School Programme – This programme is conducted once a year (mostly in December) where school uniforms, bags, books, stationeries and shoes are given to underprivileged students

  • Scholarship – Offered to selected students who are in utmost need of it

  • Tadika Murni Sai Ananda – Sai Ananda Value-Based Early Education Centre functions to provide preschool values based education to children coming from marginalised backgrounds

  • Sri Sathya Sai Anand Ashram – A Centre for Human Development


Projects Under Sai Ananda Foundation Malaysia

  • Sai Ananda Haemodialysis Centre – Provides free kidney dialysis for patients

  • Sai Ananda Dental Care Programme – Free dental check-ups along with dentures, if needed are also provided to patients

  • Sai Ananda Medical Service – Medical consultations are provided free of cost. The pharmacy also dispenses free medicines as prescribed by the doctors

  • A medical clinic operates during the weekends for walk-in patients. The clinic also provides medical aids, wheelchairs, artificial limbs, hearing aids, hospital referrals, cataract surgery sponsorship and subsidiary sponsorship for surgeries

  • Mobile medical bus visits selected rural areas once a month. Electrocardiogram (ECG) examination, general health examination, and dental screenings are done

  • Medical Camps – On the last Sunday of every month, a medical camp is organised

  • The doctors who volunteer for the service activities also visit homes of the bed-ridden patients and provide them with medical, mental and emotional support

Projects Under Divine Will Society Malaysia

  • Regular medical outreach camps serving at least 300 tribals

  • Mobile Community Clinic

  • Distribution of wheelchairs, commode chairs, and walking sticks for the physically challenged


  • Sai Ananda Monthly Provision Camp – Provides dry ration to needy and elderly individuals

  • Sai Ananda Sai Care Living Allowance Programme – Supports elderly individuals and needy families with financial assistance to make up their daily expenditures

  • Sai Ananda Sai Care Products – A 50% subsidised store, functions on a monthly basis where basic food supplies such as rice, oil, milk powder, etc., and hygiene products to marginalised individuals and families

  • Sai Ananda Daily Food Distribution – Serves hot and nutritious meals to deserving individuals and families

  • Refugees are provided with bicycles so that they can commute to their workplace with ease

  • Skills Training cum Employment for Destitute Women (Ananda Cares) – Ananda Cares provides employment for destitute women and abandoned elders to help them earn a living allowance that gives them a sense of dignity

  • Medical, Domestic and Financial Aid (Sai Cares) – Medical aids, knee guards and wheelchairs are donated to needy families. Essential commodities for cooking are provided to 80 families on a monthly basis baking and sewing as part of their skills training

  • Home-to-Home survey is carried out periodically to evaluate the economic status of the community, monitor existing registered recipients and identify new families who need support

  • Counselling – Sessions are conducted free of cost by professional counsellors for children and mothers

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