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Aruike Speciality Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria




  • ‘The Embodiment of Love Academy’ (TELA) presently imparts education to 1,215 students

  • ‘Nigerian Institute for Human Values Education’ (NIHVE) trains teachers in imparting values-based education to their students • The ‘TELA Breakfast Programme’ (TBP) feeds school children with a hot breakfast every single day

  • ‘Teachers Education in Human Values Workshop’ is conducted regularly to train the teachers working in TELA

  • ‘TELA Helping Hands’ is an initiative which teaches students from TELA to involve in service activities and serve the needy. More than 2,000 people have been reached since last year


  • Aruike Specialty Hospital Ebe, Enugu State and Aruike Specialty Hospital Alike Obowu, Imo State continue to treat the patients absolutely free of cost

  • Under the ‘Gift of Limbs’ programme, limbs are provided to underprivileged individuals who cannot afford to buy them on their own • ‘Gift of Life’ given to individuals in need by performing 33 heart surgeries

  • Eye care is provided on regular basis through the two Hospitals


  • ‘Heart of Love Children’s Home’ (HOLCH) has taken complete responsibility for fostering 28 destitute children

  • ‘Liquid Love’ water project provides fresh and clean drinking water to over 11 communities with an estimated population of 34,600 people. To date, 1,790,550,000 litres of water is provided to the people of Nigeria

  • ‘Old Is Gold’ is a programme under which love, and care are extended to the elderly

  • In the 240 hectares of land which is acquired solely for agriculture under Nneani farms, SSAI cultivates crops such as rice, maize, cassava, plantain, palm trees, etc. Crops cultivated in Nneani farms were distributed during the COVID-19 lockdown which was calculated to be 50% of the total food distributed

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