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Prema Yoga Centre for Human Development (Phase One), Istanbul, Turkey



Karşılıksız Hizmet Vakfı (Selfless Seva Trust)



Growing to be God – is a programme of values-based education for child development, with particular focus on the culture and noble souls of the nation.


Plans are underway to construct a free hospital with 50 beds, two operating theatres, one cath lab, and five ICU beds. This hospital will be a paediatric cardiac hospital and will also have a medical college to train paediatric cardiac surgeons, a research centre for diabetes, a cardiovascular centre, a cancer research centre, and an alternative medicine centre.


  • Every month, underprivileged families from the districts of Ömerli, Pendik, Şişli and Uskumruköy, Istanbul are provided with food supplies

  • The Trust also supports marginalised individuals and families by paying their medical bills, other utility bills, and house rents

  • During freezing winters, charcoal and firewood are provided to the underprivileged individuals in the districts of Şişli and Pendik

  • Based on the need and demand, clothes, shoes, books, etc., are also provided to the deserving

  • Animal Care – One of the unique features of the Trust where animals are provided with food, water, medicines and veterinary care if needed

  • Sai Clinic – Functions as an alternate healing centre

  • Translation of spiritual literature in the Turkish language

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