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Working Professionals

Expertise is required across a range of areas:


Doctors, nurses, technicians, paramedics and other allied medical professionals are welcome to volunteer at our global chain of free hospitals. Opportunities for interns, mental health and holistic health practitioners are also available.


We welcome teachers across a range of subjects from school to University level. Use your expertise to contribute towards expanding teaching material and learning resources and inspire a new generation of young teachers.


Help improve systems, processes, create websites, apps, and other technological aids.

Communications and Marketing

Proficient in press writing, creative writing, graphic design, video and photography, multimedia and the likes? Join our communications and marketing team as a volunteer!


Have experience in handling financial operations? Get involved with the finance and accounts departments in the fields of education, health and administration.


It is rightly said that ‘Love has no language or barrier whatsoever.’ Sharing this love with others will only make it grow manifold with each passing day. Let us join hands and spread this love to all, making this world a better place to live in.

Come, join this community and be a part of that wave of love which is on its way to engulf everyone in it!


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