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Casa Del Divino, Assisi, Centre for Human Development, Assisi, Italy

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Foundation Casa Del Divino – ONLUS



  • Regular study circles are conducted for youth – human development, morality, spirituality, and education on human values

  • Growing to be God – a programme of imparting values-based education for child development, with particular focus on the culture and noble souls of the nation is conducted in Rome, Turin, Urbino, Pescara, Imperia, Catania, and Milan

  • Moral lessons based on storytelling, play, arts, drawing, theatre, etc. for the right mental, intellectual, and civic development of the child are conducted twice a month

  • Teachers Training – Weekly study circles are held with teachers and trainers who work with children

  • Mano Sapiens Group (group of visually impaired artists) – Taking responsibility for training teaching staff on arts subjects in the schools for visually impaired children, once a month


  • Ispirazione (Inspiration) – A radio programme in Italian language is hosted on the web radio ‘Sanatana Vani’ – The Voice Eternal on a weekly basis

  • Music Therapy – ‘Semi di Grazia Musicale’ (Seeds of Musical Grace – SMG) aims at supporting individuals with disabilities

  • Visits to Alchimia Association – Cultural and recreational activities are organised for disabled children by taking them to museums, parks, picnics and theatres once a month

  • Eco-Trekking Group – (The Steps of Love) trips into nature and cleaning up of the environment

  • Geo-Awareness Programmes – Held to create awareness about the protection of Mother Earth • Grace Kitchen – Meals for the homeless and destitute are prepared at ‘Grace Kitchen’ once a week in Rome

  • Food is distributed to needy individuals and families at Padua

  • Serving food to deprived individuals in collaboration with a local voluntary association in Turin

  • Serving breakfast and lunch to the disadvantaged in Siena on a weekly basis

  • Sai Prema Publication – A publishing house that translates and disseminates publications that provide moral and spiritual guidance for human excellence and development

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