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Countries of Presence

Hospital / Medical Centre






  • Human Excellence Academy of Japan – Under the support and guidance of psychologists from Australia, Dr Ron Farmer and Mrs Suwanti Farmer various online workshops are conducted

  • Teachers Training – Teachers are trained in human values and taught their implementation in day to day life

  • Mindful Parenting – Courses on effective parenting are conducted across various cities in Japan

  • Mindful Eldercare – Workshops on eldercare are conducted for the professionals and individuals involved in eldercare

  • Coaching – Classes on the English language are conducted to enable school children as well as adults to communicate efficiently in English


  • Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospitals Trust, Japan – Serving individuals in need of healthcare by referring them to hospitals and getting them treated free of cost

  • Research – Research is being undertaken to ascertain the current status of mother and child healthcare in Japan

  • Counselling – Mothers, hailing from rural backgrounds with their children suffering from cardiac ailments are provided free counselling

  • Healthcare Programme for Children – Comprehensive care and support are provided for children who require constant medical care and children with disabilities (both physical and neurodevelopmental or other mental health conditions)

  • Medical camp – Certified medical professionals provide their valuable services twice a week

  • Paediatric and maternal health care consultation support are provided

  • Private Ambulance Transportation Service Programme – Runs approximately twice a day based on the demands

  • Paediatric Assistive Equipment Support Project – Co-ordination of both fitting to the user and improvement and development of the equipment, including promoting it to be registered on the national welfare system

  • Diet Planning for Mothers – This programme helps expecting mothers to plan a vegetarian diet, especially during their prenatal, postnatal and lactating period, including counselling and once a month of catering meals

  • Health Screenings – Free health screenings are conducted for the Nepalese community living in Japan


  • Homemade food is distributed in the city of Yokohama every weekend

  • At Shinjuku city of Tokyo, food items are served on a fortnightly basis to the homeless

  • Beach Cleaning Project – Monthly once, the Niigata coast is cleaned of all the debris

  • Elder Care – Monthly once, aromatic massages are provided to the residents of an elderly nursing home in Niigata

  • A local temple at Niigata is been cleaned every single month

  • Disaster Relief Programme – Serving the area stricken by disasters such as floods or nuclear power station accidents due to tsunamis, by sending food materials and other needed equipment

  • Translation and publication of spiritual books in Japanese languages

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